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2022 Mindful Athlete Diary

The Mindful Athlete Diary was designed by athletes for athletes. It was created by Katy Duffield and is based on the knowledge she gained from many years competing as a professional athlete as well as from her role as a qualified coach. 

The diary's graphically designed pages are functional for athletes to keep track of key metrics to measure their progress. It's sleek format makes it a functional and fashionable accessory for every athlete wanting to improve their performance.

The concept behind the diary is to create clarity and direction in your path to success. The simple act of writing creates a deeper connection between your thinking self and your doing self. If you tell your brain what you want it will help you achieve it. 

The Mindful Athlete Diary will improve athletes' self-awareness through implementing planning and reflection strategies and promote a mindful approach to training and life.  

Your mind must arrive at your destination before you do.


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Mindful Athlete


The ultimate diary for athletes is packed with features to help you develop your self-awareness and improve your training and racing.

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Katy Duffield

Former professional athlete

Founder & Creator


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Mindful Athlete Diary is an initiative that gets athletes to develop their self-awareness and really think about their training and development, not only as an athlete but as a person as well. Most professional athletes keep some form of training diary. I want to pass on this knowledge to others in a big way. That's why I created the Mindful Athlete Diary.

Here's what some of our Mindful Athletes had to say about their 2021 Diary. 

Athlete testimonial #1

"The mindful athlete diary is a great piece of equipment to have as not only an athlete but as a person. It assists in tracking progress, tuning in to your body, and goal setting. The diary is a great source and I will definitely be getting the 2022 version when it is released."

Athlete testimonial #2

"The 2021 mindful athlete diary is a great way to track goals, track weekly trainings or activities as well as planning ahead for the new term. Offering a section to select core values and allowing one write down what they are grateful for each week is a great way to stay grounded and motivated. The “draw your day” part in the diary is also a good way to reflect on the day of exercise before heading into the new week."

Athlete testimonial #3

"This diary is awesome. I love the Monday quote and the weekly planner. I fill out the weekly planner on the weekend, so it’s ready on Monday morning. It’s awesome!"

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